Café Mangii – A Hidden Treasure

So this weekend, I decided to take a break from that stressful work week and grab a bite to eat. Took me nearly half and hour, to drive through the intense Bangalore traffic, to get to Orion mall, only to find nearly all the parking spots completely full! So, I manoeuvred through several rows to find one awkward spot in the corner.

Parking done, check. It was one of those surprising family lunches where all of us actually agreed on one restaurant. Located on the third floor of the mall, we found Café Mangii, totally covered up by Chilli’s and Cafe Noir on either side. Just have faith, trust me, and take that leap into this hidden restaurant. As they say, treasures always have to be found.

Café Mangii

As we walked in we saw a huge window, looking down on all that Orion square has to offer. The world trade centre building was on the left and fountains on the right. Absolutely stunning.

So we sat down to have a nice lunch. I felt a strange spray of water on me…I was thinking what is going on here? The café had adopted a mist fan, which sprays water at you along with a gush of air. A useful tool for the summer, I guess.

Their menu was elaborate with a mixture of Italian and Mediterranean dishes. As for me, I wanted to try everything on the menu. So, we had a mixture of the two styles of dishes. To start off we had a Mediterranean platter. This had pita bread, hummus, labneh, Harissa pasta (very spicy for the fearful) and olives, my favourite. It was a delightful starter with the right amount of food that teases your taste buds without overwhelming them.

Following the starter, I ordered a mushroom risotto. It was soft and fluffy as you’d expect of a risotto. I was very pleased with the dish.

Mushroom Risotto
My father ordered the stuffed chicken, the presentation was quite elaborate. Although the chicken was slightly dry the rest of the dish made up for it.

On the whole, it was a lovely experience. The restaurant is a must-try. Make sure you sit by the window with a magnificent view of the square!
Try it out and let me know what you thought on the comments 👍🏽


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